February 8, 2012

What genre do you write in?  What books have you written?  What are they about?

I write fiction for all ages.  Coming March 20, 2012, from Disney Hyperion is The Hop–a novel for young readers about knowing what’s important and fighting for it.  It’s a “green” book–a good book for Earth Day–about toads and gardens and ponds and kids.  I also have an adult novel about ready to go to my agent.

My other books are The Purple Ribbon (a family lap book), Over the River (a novel for young readers about a girl’s relationship with her daddy and other family in the aftermath of World War 2), A Higher Geometry (a love story for teens about about a mathematically gifted girl growing up in the 1960s), and The Snows (a four-generation family saga for teens and adults).

Tell us about yourself?

I grew up deep in the heart of rural southern Illinois where the stars blazed bright at night and there was not much to do but dream. Although I haven’t returned since college except for visits, paradoxically, I’ve never left.  Like Anna, in A Higher Geometry, I love math, but somehow ended up with a doctoral in English Lit.  Since high school, I’ve flipped burgers, nannied, done social work, taught, managed a corporate IT staff, advocated for children, and written.  Currently, I write and teach.

What are you working on?

I’m working on an adult novel:  rural and dark.  And I working on a children’s novel, cosmopolitan and bright-spirited.

What are three random things others wouldn’t know or guess about you?

I’m a little compulsive about my pedicure, probably, and have a deep affinity for bright coral polish.

I hate “dead dog” books and movies.  If the dog dies or gets killed in the story, it’s not for me.

I love the smell of borage on my hands when I come in from the garden.


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