May 1, 2010


What genre do you write in? What books have you written? What are they about?

I write in two genres: YA and women’s fiction. My debut YA novel STORK will be published by Candlewick Press on October 12, 2010.

STORK is the story of smart and sassy Katla (Kat) Gudrun Leblanc, a sixteen-year-old L.A. fashionista, whose life is upended after a move to tiny Norse Falls Minnesota – her mother’s hometown of Icelandic heritage. As if being the new kid isn’t challenging enough, Kat is mysteriously drawn to an ancient order of bird women with extraordinary powers. Complicating things further is Jack Snjosson, an aloof farm boy. Given the rocky start to their relationship, Kat’d never believe they share a history – never mind destiny.

Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Canada to British parents and grew up in the Detroit suburbs as the middle child of three girls. I have a degree in Political Science from Michigan State University. I did a university semester in Paris and then, after college, moved to Nice for a year. When back in the states, I followed some college friends out to Los Angeles where I attended grad school at California State University, Long Beach. In L.A., I worked as a tour coordinator in the travel industry. I am married and have two teenaged sons. About four years ago, my husband’s job brought us to Des Moines, Iowa.

What are you working on?

I have two novels that have been contracted and are in the editorial phase.

THE McCLOUD HOME FOR WAYWARD GIRLS is the story of three generations of the McCloud Family women. In the early 1960’s, spunky Ruby climbs from an unwed teen mother to wife of the home’s founder. Thirty years later, her two daughters make a sacrifice that will change everything. And present day, Jill struggles to keep a long-buried—and shocking—secret, while Fee’s teen rebellion forces everything to the surface. The book will be published by Berkley Books, a division of The Penguin Group, Inc. No word yet on a release date.

FROST is the sequel to STORK, in which Kat Leblanc’s soul-delivering powers grow, while a mysterious newcomer forces her to delve further into her family’s extraordinary Icelandic ancestry. At stake is not only her boyfriend Jack’s and her own survival, but climate as we know it.

What are three random things others wouldn’t know or guess about you?

Number one: I hate garlic—yuck, nasty, nasty stuff—but as far as I know, there is no vampire blood in my ancestry.

Number two: I love tennis. I love to play tennis, and I love to watch tennis. Roger Federer is MY IDOL.

Number three: I am easily brought to tears. Set a guy eating a sandwich to a dramatic piece of music, and I’ll need a tissue. It’s embarrassing and annoying, but entirely out of my control. And, yes, I cried—like a baby—when Federer finally won the French Open. But who didn’t?


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